Monday, November 07, 2005

Acting Intelligent

I had a very nice recuperative weekend. Not too much of anything but lying down. Those were the doctor’s orders. I didn’t accomplish much either, aside from some interesting research into the board game I’m thinking about developing. With a little effort, I managed to stay away from the TV for most of the weekend.

But I’ve been thinking a lot about television and movies lately. And I have a question. Why does the media credit Hollywood actors with having such innate intelligence as to make them a credible source on virtually every subject?

Most actors don’t have advanced degrees in Journalism. Yet they seem to garner respect from journalists. Most actors don’t have advanced degrees period. I’d be willing to bet that quite a few haven’t the foggiest idea what a college diploma even looks like. Why, then, are they allowed to preach, prattle, and position as though they were resident experts on everything?

It was my experience that the “actors” I knew growing up were the oddballs who, on a most regular basis, were subjected to beatings and ridicule common to high school (and college) societal norms. Nobody listened to them back then. Why now?

There is no entrance exam to Hollywood. The only requirements to join the Actors Guild are money and changing your name to make sure no one else shares it. If all one had to do to get an MBA was get a nose job and sleep with a professor, I’m quite sure that many more people would have the letters after their names.

I’m not overly upset about all this. I think everyone in Hollywood has the combined IQ of my dog, and thus, have little to no bearing on my life. I just wish they would shut up once in a while.

As I’m sure some people out there wish of me . . .