Thursday, November 03, 2005


The outpouring of sympathy has been too great for words. I’m simply overcome. Who’d have thought that a minor surgical procedure could generate such love.
I’d like to thank some people specifically:

Lisa & Mike - the card was beautiful. I’ve scanned it in so everyone can see how thoughtful you both are.

Esther - the phallus-shaped cookies were just too much. I was brought to tears.

RH - I know you aren’t even aware I have a blog, and God willing never will be, but thank-you so so so much for calling me every five minutes before I went in for the procedure. It’s nice to know that my boss cares.

I need a minute before I go on . . .

So, in honor of my family & friends, I’ve composed a short song:

(To be sung to the tune of Ants Marching by DMB)

He walks in through the front door
Pays his fee and walks down the waxed floor
Then steps in to the change room
The clothes off. The robe goes on

He lies on the table
Says ‘good-bye’ while he’s still able
Then the prep nurse shaves him
Doc comes in and begins the procedure

Take these testes
Pull them out and snip the tubes (be gentle guys)
Tie knots and cauterize

I’m just too emotional to finish it right now.