Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Scott Needs . . .(according to Google)

Here’s the next meme for everyone, as long as you get it before someone else with your name does. Type in your first name and the word “needs” into Google. Post the first 10 results, plus a few other interesting ones.

Scott Needs:

“Mozilla” – I also need to find out just what it is, I guess.

“to get out more” – Sometimes the truth hurts Google.

“estate planning” – Google, can you see the writing on the wall? How will I buy the farm?

“help with his Gigli fixation” - LOL - I couldn’t write anything better myself.

“nude models” - Google = genius.

“the practice” – at what, I wonder? maybe for the nude models.

“a change of style” – Google must be a girl.

“one more round win” – WTF? what's a round win?

“odor eaters” – really, do I deserve this?

“to be held accountable for the problems in Ottawa” - man, I could do this all day.

Other Interesting Things Scott Needs:
“a plan”
“your help”
“to back off and grow his eyebrows a bit” (my personal favorite)
“to hop on his private plane and fly up to Sunnyvale . . .”
“to work in his footwork and overall understanding of the game”

Thank-you Google. Entertaining as always.

Tag: Lisa (here's something you can write about!), Leah, and . . . . . . Saunders.