Monday, January 23, 2006


Here’s an interesting little development. It seems as though I don’t write as poorly as I originally thought. I received this email this morning.

From: Schluep, Chris Sent: Monday, January 23, 2006 11:43 AMTo:
shstoddard@adelphia.netSubject: FSM

Dear Scott,

I’m Bobby Henderson’s editor at Random House, and we’d like to include your proof in his book, which is coming out in March. Would it be all right for us to use your proof? And if so, what would you like to call it? Also, may we attribute it to your name?

I’d be happy to send you a book when it’s out.

All best,

Chris Schluep
Editor, Random House

Unless someone with access to my computer is playing an amazingly elaborate practical joke, it seems as though I am going to be published. I submitted one of my previous posts on Intelligent Design for a contest. And though, as far as I know I did not win, I am to be included in a book.

It might sound a little elitist, but this is not the first time I’ve been published. Granted, the first (and last) time my words were printed for public perusal, they were titled “A Finite Element Analysis of the Structural Stability of a Clock Tower in Webster, Massachusetts”.

But it was fascinating reading.


There were pictures, too.