Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sing a Song

Tonight was a milestone. We have been watching an ungodly amount of Disney and Thomas the Tank Engine videos. As a responsible parent (laugh here) I can only take so much of that tripe.

After Leah left for a meeting after dinner, I pulled out my guitar for the second time in two months (the first was last night). The boys love it when I play, or attempt to. I’m only 10 lessons into my studies. They all want turns strumming on the strings. Sam has the hang of it. Noah is still a little too timid to make a big sound. Aidan still just bangs on the strings, but we're working on it. I'll have my Partridge Family yet.

Tonight there were no strumming queues. The three of them sat on our living room couch and actually listened to me play and sing. My choices improved from my embarrassing poker/karaoke night – Home on the Range, Cockles and Mussels, Yankee Doodle, etc.

And then, with a little coaxing, they sang with me. Well, Sam sang, the twins just made animal noises.

We all sang Old MacDonald.

This is why I became a father.