Wednesday, January 11, 2006

What does the "O" stand for?

WARNING: This post contains profanity.

This is dedicated to my three little boys:

The Sun is not up.
It is too early to wake.
But my eyes are open.
A deep breathe I take.

I lie there with Leah.
We lie there we two.
And I say,

“Oh My God. I can’t fucking believe that they are awake already.”

For the past two days, our little angels have been waking up just before 6am. Normally, everyone is awake by 6:30 or so, but that little half hour seems to mean more to my sanity than anything else in the universe.

Leah is a morning person. She could get up at 5am every day and be perfectly happy about it.

Not me.

It pains me to my core to lose out on any chance for quality REMs. I am well aware that what I am experiencing is Karma at its most beautiful. While everyone else in my family will smirk and think back to my teenage years when I woke up 15 minutes before school started during the week and slept till noon or so on weekends, I will be wincing in pain as I try in vain to shake my brain into higher functions before the sun rises.

When I entered the real world after college, I was at work by 7am at the latest. Some days, we had 5:30am meetings. Five fucking thirty! And I brought donuts! But I moved on. I made changes. I left field work behind. I work from home.

Alas, no. My hours have not improved. Sam, Noah, and Aidan have all inherited their mother’s penchant for enjoying the mornings. At least I can look forward to Father’s Day. . .