Monday, February 06, 2006

Beyond DNA Matching

For some reason, I have not been able to post this until now. Let's hope the Blogspot geniuses fix their network problems tonight.

If there was any shred of doubt in anyone's mind that Sam is not my son, let me put it to rest right now.

Sam received a Thomas the Tank Engine alarm clock from Santa this year. It's an old fashioned one - working hands and bells on top. Sadly, it came out of the box broken. I fixed it at lunch today. Just to make sure it worked, I set the alarm to go off a little after noon. It worked like a charm.

Fast forward twelve hours. It's a little after midnight. The alarm just went off again. I walked back toward the kitchen, where I left it at lunch. It wasn't there. It was in Sam's room. I quickly opened the door, picked up the clock, and turned off the alarm, which had been ringing loudly for a good minute and a half.

Sam never woke up.

My son.