Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Vegas, Baby!!

Every year, my brother Chris goes to Las Vegas for a long weekend week. Chris is the Director of Strategic Planning at Mohegan Sun Resort & Casino. He is, please excuse the Native American dialect, a Muckety-Muck. While Chris is in Vegas, he gorges himself at all the new casino restaurants. This is a requirement of the trip. It's his business. It's all expensed. Some people are just born lucky.

Last year, while we were at the Auto Show in NYC, Chris asked me and my brother Tom to go with him to Vegas. So, while excitedly walking down the streets of New York City, I phoned Leah and asked her if it was okay. She asked to talk to Chris.

But not before having a hearty laugh at my expense.

Got Vegas? Ha! No.

They say that time heals all wounds. And while Jennifer Aniston may disagree that statement, I just unexpectedly wrangled an agreement out of my wife to let me go to Vegas this year!

All I have to do is send her to a Carribbean beach with a girlfriend. Any takers?