Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I Just Flew in From London Last Night and Boy Are My Arms Tired . . .

I tried twice to post while on our little vacation, but to no avail. Below is the proof:

If I had succeeded, it would have gone something like this:


So far, we’ve:

- Shopped at Harrod’s – Leah bought nothing – Wha . . .?
- Took High Tea at Harrod’s – she knows I have to tell – Leah ordered coffee!
- Had a drink at The Troubador – more on that later
- Went to the British Museum – saw the Rosetta Stone – more on that later
- Seen Les Miserables – still cry when Eponine dies
- Ate dinner at one of the best restaurants ever
- Walked through Spitalfield’s Market – more later
- Visited the Tower of London
- Visited the London Eye
- Visited Big Ben & Parliament
- Visited Trafalgar Square
- Attended Evensong at Westminster Abbey
- Went on the Jack the Ripper walk through old London
- Walked to the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral
- Drank much British beer in many cool British pubs

Ok, so that’s the quick overview of what we did in London. I’ll be expanding on most of these over the course of the week just to rub it in a little more.