Thursday, February 23, 2006

London - Day 1

OK, so we spent the first afternoon of our trip shopping. Who could blame us when we were strolling through Harrods? It is amazing. There are something like 27 restaurants in the place. We tried two – a cafĂ© for tea and a Spanish Tapas bar for dinner. Leah tried octopus for the first time. Aside from the $200 ties and $400 scarves, the most impressive aspect of Harrods was the food halls. Wow. Huge rooms full of anything you could possibly want – fresh meat and fish, cheese, chocolate, you name it.

However, the highlight of Harrods, for us, came right at the end. We were beat, and headed toward an exit. Leah glanced at the map (yes, they have maps!) and noticed that there was a memorial for Princess Diana & Dodi. Then we remembered, his father owns Harrods. So off we went in search of the memorial. Along the way, we found a wax sculpture of Mr. Al Fayed. But the memorial sculpture was worth the search.

We couldn’t keep a straight face. We went outside to laugh, and while Leah went to Starbucks, I bravely went back inside and took the picture. Apparently, the bird is a peace dove. I thought it was a seagull.