Thursday, March 30, 2006

Top Five Friday - Jobs

So in case you haven’t noticed, The Fourth Row has been lacking in the meaty content of late. I’ve been feeling as though the well has run dry, albeit temporarily, I hope. Pictures are always good. But even better is to steal prefabricated inspiration from someone else.

By the way, does anyone know who named it a meme? What a thoroughly silly word. If it were up to me, I would have called it a thorange. That way, I would be the person who created the first word to rhyme with orange.

First up is Mikey, who actually borrowed from John Cusack, who borrowed from Nick Hornby (although I’m not at all sure that the characters in the novel High Fidelity actually made Top 5 Lists). If we're being completely honest, I was doing this via old fashioned email at least six years ago, so ppppffffbbbtttt, Lane Meyer.

Top 5 Dream Jobs:

  1. Astronaut – Come on now. Every kid wants to go to space. I still do. If I had $20 million, I’d blow it all on that cosmonaut fantasy ride.
  2. Americas Cup Sailboat Captain, Newport, 1900-1920 – Sailing is the greatest sport ever conceived. Where else do you compete by letting everyone else, including Mother Nature, do the work? All kidding aside, being on the water and feeling the power of the wind is one of life’s ultimate natural intoxications. And, if you have never seen a Herreshoff designed boat, then you’ve never seen perfection.
  3. Mayor of Leipzig, Germany, 1723-1745 - Get to hire Johann Sebastian Bach and hear his music firsthand, maybe even get a dedication.
  4. Stay at home Dad – I’m pretty close to that one now.
  5. Railroad Baron, United States, 1875-1900 - I’ve always wanted to own a train, or many, many trains. And to top it off, I’d be rich, ruthless, and powerful. Ahhh . . .
Feel free to steal and glean inspiration as desired.