Monday, April 03, 2006

Communication is Key

For those of you who would like to engage in deep conversation, here’s an update on TwinSpeak:

Sma - Sam

No No - Noah

Aida - Aidan

Ra Ra - Rocky

Bla Bla - Bella (girlfriend #1)

Lu Lu - Julia

Sna - snap

Mlang - blanket

Buh - bear

Oh No - Oh No (whenever anything bad happens)

Tee Tee - TV

Moowah - movie (they are attempting to learn to operate the VCR, which scares me)

Ree - Read (repeated in increasing volume until the book is opened and they are in your lap)

Wee Wee Wee - any ramp built from train tracks

Aplay - airplane

Buh - bus (yes, it’s the same as bear, but how often do you see the two together?)

Die Die - Diaper

Poop - pretty self explanatory, no?

Dabadee - “Mommy, Daddy, check this out. What exactly is this? I can’t seem to remember the proper vocabulary word at the moment.”