Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Fully Charmed Kind of Life

Uncle John, Uncle Mikey, Aunt Lisa, Sammy and I went to our first baseball game of the season the other night. It was a beautiful evening for baseball, and Sam was, oh let’s just say excited to be going.

“Daddy, I really think we are going to have sooo much fun tonight.”

Repeat one dozen or so times.

Sam and I got to the field first, and I quickly realized that our seats were unbelievable – three rows directly behind the Buffalo dugout. You could smell the grass. We sat down. Let me revise. I sat down. Sam could not sit. His almost four-year-old body was in constant motion, looking one way and then the other, pointing, yelling, smiling, and jumping. We were early, so he attracted some attention.

One of the coaches popped his head out of the Buffalo dugout and smiled at us. We smiled back and Sam actually waved. The coach disappeared for a second, and then pops back up and lobs a baseball over to us.

Sam – 3 games - 2 balls

Scott – 100+ games – 0 balls

So, so wrong.

A few minutes later, these minutes filled with

“Daddy, look, look, I see the pitchers!”

“Daddy, can you see the catcher? He’s over there!”

“Daddy, there is a GIANT television out there!”

a girl with an official looking shirt comes over and sits down next to us. She smiles at Sam and asks me if it would be ok if Sam played a game. She asks Sam how old he is and when his birthday is. Then she tells us that Sam is going to play “Pin the Cherry on the Perry” midway through the third inning. Unbelievable.

So after at the top of the third, she comes to get us. We walk down through the players’ training areas and up the ramp behind home plate. Another girl tells Sam that he is going to be blindfolded and that he will have to take a felt cherry and stick it to a big wooden board with a Perry’s Ice Cream advertisement on it. I look at her and ask if I’m going on to the field with him.

She says no.

At this point, I thought he might decide that this wasn’t as fun as he thought. I forgot that Sam is a complete sucker for a pretty girl.

He lets her blindfold him, takes her hand, and runs out onto the field. She guides him, along with a stadium of cheering fans, to the billboard and a win. Sam won four tickets, a bowl and spoon, and two cups of ice cream. He shared one with Aunt Lisa.

He spent the rest of the game in absolute euphoria. Ask him about his favorite part?

“When the bat broke and they had to throw it away.”