Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Best. Book. Ever

The Big Chill (the BEEG cheel): a nauseating movie about everybody's parents. If anyone has ever tried to make you dance around to oldies while doing the dishes, you have this movie to thank for it.

Jimmy Buffet (JUM-ee boo-FAY): a weird old hippie dude featuring Hawaiian shirts and terrible music. On special occasions, a boomer dad will sometimes put on a little Jimmy Buffet costume, fix drinks with umbrellas in them, and bring them over to his "old lady," biting his lower lip and doing this weird, slow-motion dance-walk. If there is a more gruesome scenario on this earth, I cannot think of what it might be and do not want to know in any case

PE (pay: as in, you will): "physical education." I believe the Nazis used to make people dress in gay outfits and play tennis and do excercises in school, too.

Read King Dork by Frank Portman. It is arguably The Funniest Book Ever Written.