Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Nothing in Particular

I came down from work this morning while the boys were eating breakfast. Sam looked up at me and said, "So, how's work going?" As God as my witness, I didn't know what to say. There was no water cooler around to lean on.

On the way to school, I noticed an unusually high number of expensive foreign cars being driven by white-haired or visibly balding, middle-aged men. Is today the official start of everyone's summer mid-life crisis? If so, I want a sailboat.

I watched The Da Vinci Code last night. Meh. Tom Hanks needed a Harvard accent, some grey hair, and at least a little interest in playing the part. He looked like he was waiting for an important phone call during the entire movie.

I am the world's worst lawn mower. I couldn't even start John & Esther's. Reason: out of gas. When did I figure this out? Didn't. Mikey told me so. Duh.

For anyone who likes Dennis Leary or good television, check out Rescue Me on FX. Last night's episode was jaw dropping.

We're going on vacation soon. Beach house. Any and all are welcome to visit. Just get your sorry ass*s to Misquamicut, Rhode Island during the week of June 17 - 24.