Thursday, June 29, 2006

Caution: Spoilers

Some thoughts on my trip to the movie theater last night to see Superman Returns:

  1. $8.75? Come on, now.
  2. 2 hours 45 minutes? Too long. Of course I did not know this until the movie was over and it was 1:00am.
  3. A few rows behind me a man had brought what I can only assume were his three daughters, all under five years old, to the 10:15pm show. He should be put in prison and . . . (removed at the behest of my beautiful wife).
  4. Kevin Spacey – Best. Villian. Ever. The perfect blend of evil with a touch of comedy/psychosis.
  5. Brandon Routh – Meh. He did fine. I liked him as Clark a lot more than I did as The Man of Steel.
  6. Kate Bosworth – She was as flat as her chest through most of the movie and had none of the rapport/well-timed banter that Kidder had with Reeve. There are plenty of talented actresses out there. Why her?
  7. Parker Posey – excellent. She carries the evil floozy with a heart perfectly. Plus, she had the best lines of the film.
  8. I don’t think Superman ever killed anyone in the first two movies (I don’t count III & IV as legitimate movies). Why then, does his five year old son have to kill someone? Granted, buying the farm by essentially having a piano dropped on you is a classically funny way to die, but why did the kid have to do it?
  9. Again, too long. I could have done without the last 20 minutes.
  10. All said, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a fitting tribute to the original with enough new twists thrown in to make it new and fun. The effects were excellent. I love that Lex Luthor’s basic strategy for gaining power & riches didn’t change.