Monday, September 18, 2006

I Heart jetBlue

I write this post from a hotel room in Washington DC. Well, not really DC. If I were in DC, that would be really cool. But I’m not. I’m in the middle of Urban Sprawldom, at a Courtyard Marriot. I’m here for a week. Yes, an entire week. Business week, that is. I have mixed feelings about being here at all, but it hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would.

Between major contracts, I’m part of an “emergency” team helping to review old project files in preparation for a large audit. There is a general feeling of panic at the offices here, so everyone is walking around really fast, and trying to smile. But they’re not happy. Luckily, I had nothing to do with any of it, so I’m one of the good guys. It’s the poor dummies whose names are all over these files that are going to get a serious ass-whuppin’.

But enough of that.

My air travel today was wonderful. Yes, wonderful. Jet Blue rocks. They are friendly, easy to talk to, efficient, and funny. Yes, funny. The pilot and co-pilot came out of the cockpit (I love that word) wearing Maid of the Mist raincoats this morning. Normally, this would not be more than amusing. But at 5:45am, it was downright silly.

More good things: The flight into JFK was TWENTY MINUTES EARLY. And there are television sets in the back of every seat, so you can watch Sports Center. And you get to sit in leather, or really, really good imitation leather, seats. Plus, they serve DUNKIN DONUTS COFFEE.

In no reality I know would it be possible for me to wake up, sit down in a leather chair, drink a cup of DUNKIN DONUTS COFFEE, and watch a full hour of Sports Center. No matter what mundane tasks I’m asked to repeat 3,500 times this week, I will always have my plane ride.

The only disappointing aspect besides being away from my family is that all the Smithsonian museums, the Capitol buildings, and the National Archives close at 5:30pm. All I will be able to do is walk down the Mall one night. This is still cool. I really like Washington DC. Oh, yeah, there’s also this bar called The Dubliner. . .