Saturday, September 16, 2006

Week One Report Card

Sammy survived his first full week of school. Unfortunately, he has not been overly forthcoming about his activities during the school day. As a matter of fact, for the first few days this week, I thought he was repeating himself purposefully. Why? Who knows how his little mind works.

When I asked what he did at school, his reply? “Played.”

I tried again. I asked him what the best thing he did at school was. “There were so many, Daddy. I can’t name just one.”

Ok, let’s try specifics.

“Did you go outside?” “Yes.”
“Did you go on the playground?” “Yes.”
“Did you slide?” “Yes.”

Ok, now we were getting somewhere. But it was not to be. Sam decided that the interrogation was finished, and clammed up.

Luckily, as the week progressed, he decided that he was not selling state secrets if he talked to me about school. Although, I have yet to tell his teachers that he remembers EVERYTHING THEY SAY.

“Daddy, the reason I am not eating my dinner is because of Gabriella.”
This came after I had given him the evil eye because he was doing anything he could think of but chew food.
“Gabriella cries all day long at school, and she gives everyone headaches.”
Sam has never used the word headache before.
“Sammy, does she give your teachers headaches, too?”
“Are they the ones who said that?”

  • Listening & Memory Skills? Check.

I then suggested to Sam that he be extra nice to her to try to help her not to cry at school. I have received daily reports on Gabriella’s crying all week. Tonight, I was informed that Gabriella did not cry all day.

“Daddy, Gabriella did not cry the whole day today!”
“That’s great, Sammy.”
“Yes. At lunch, I went like this [turns his head] and smiled at her, and she smiled at me, and I smiled at her, and she smiled at me.”

  • Makes friends? Check.

It seems that he is also charming his teachers into submission.

“We did not get stickers today, Daddy.”
“How come?”
“There was not enough time.”
“Oh. Well what happened?”
“Mrs. O’Rourke had to tell everybody fifteen times to put their homework toys in their bags. But I listened to her the first time.”

  • Follows Instructions? Check.

But the conversation that stays with me most?

“Who was the Special Person today, Sam?”
“My friend Jared.”
“And what toy did he bring in to show everyone?”
Sam paused. I thought he had decided that our talk was ended.
“It is the first part of Hook.”
“The first part is the first part of Captain Hook. The second part is on the last page of my Leap Pad Learning System. It is the map.”
“Sammy, what are you talking about?”
“The first part of Hook, and the last page of Leap Pad. It is the map. The United States of . . . .”
And he actually paused, waiting for me to get the answer.

Oh. My. God. In. Heaven. Above.

“Sammy, did Jared bring in a Captain America?”
“Very good, Daddy!”

  • World Domination? Plans progressing nicely.