Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Strange Days Indeed

I love this. Here is a photo shown on Yahoo from Japan Fashion Week. It is a preview of what all the fashionable Japanese ladies will be wearing next summer. Yes, that’s right . . .

Women Wearing Shoes On Their Heads.

This concept, while potentially lucrative for shoe designers (introducing the new Kenneth Cole Cranium line . . .), will spell the end of thousands of marriages. “But, honey, I just had to get the third one to match.”

Not only that, but other, more serious issues could arise from this soon to be silliness of shoes on the skull.

What will they be called?
Shoe + Hat = Shat . . . Nope.
Hat + Shoe = Hoe . . . Nope.
It’s a stumper.

What will happen to shoes being sold in pairs? Now it will be possible to buy just one shoe/hat. Where will all the extra shoes go?

Will wearing a left foot shoe on your head mean something different than a right foot shoe?

Will the grunge movement come back by encouraging people to wear old, smelly sneakers on their heads?

Will rubber boots be worn over the shoe/hats when it rains or snows?

Will it be considered a faux pas to wear a different designer on your feet than on your head?

If you step in dog poop, will it be now socially acceptable to just switch one shoe out with the one on your head?

These questions concern me. I blame my lack of sleep tonight on this heady shoe business. Next thing you know, adult diapers will be in fashion.

Oh, wait, I guess they already are.