Monday, October 30, 2006

Oh, I've Missed You So

We now have a brand-spankin' new cable connection, thanks to the nice man from Time Warner. I have so, so, so much to post up here. I feel like I'm five years old and looking through the Christmas catalogs. I want that and that and that and that and . . .

First some quick shout outs:

Congrats to Sarah & Sean, who we watched tie the knot this past weekend, drinking waaaaayyyyyy to much in the process. You know you've had too much to drink when you and your wife take a picture of her cleavage and send it to Mike Freitas. Bad, bad idea.

Congrats to my brother Tom his wife Meg, who had their first baby on Saturday. Welcome Taylor Rose Wilks. You are beautiful. And if Leah & I hadn't forgotten our camera, I would show the world just how beautiful you are. By the way, if anyone knows how to get pictures from a cell phone to a computer, you are now my best friend.

Now that the pleasantries are out of the way (don't worry, I'll expound on them both in upcoming posts), here are some of what everyone has requested in recent days - pictures of our children. We went to a kite festival last month. There wasn't much wind, but the pros got theirs up, so figured we could at least try. But there was playing to be done first.