Monday, March 03, 2008

BufBloPoFo Day 3 - A Boy A Day for Three Days

Let's talk about my children. We haven't done that in a while. Leah has been the stalwart picture updater and anecdote logger of late. Let's discuss how Sam is reading, and I mean fully reading, everything he can put his eyes on. He has moved up two levels in less than two months, and is at level H (whatever that means). This does not surprise us at all. We always knew he'd take to reading like a fish to water.

No, the thing that caught us off guard is when Leah asked him who else was at his level. Sam told her that one of his friends was at the same level as he was, an one other boy was at a higher level.

"Well what else is everyone else at," Leah asked him.

So he told her. There are close to 25 kids in his class. Sam listed off every single person in his class and their current reading level.