Tuesday, March 04, 2008

BufBloPoFo Day 4 - Boy #2

Two weeks ago, I took the twins and picked up Sam from school. This was the conversation that ensued.

Noah: Daddy, when I grow up big like you, I'm goin' to work with you. I'm gonna drive the wreckin' ball.

Me: Ok, pal! That sounds great.

Aidan: Oh! I'm gonna drive a wreckin' ball too.

Sam: Aidan, you can't drive a wrecking ball. There can only be one. Daddy, I'm going to drive the loader. You will drive the excavator. Oooh, I know. Aidan, do you want to drive the backhoe?

Aidan: Ooooooohhhhh. The backhoe!

Construction Manager with 15 years experience in commercial construction seeks venture capital to start a new company so that his sons can drive trucks . . .

In response to Mikey's topic of the day for Monday, I offer this: Was your day better because you had to think about what was good about it? Mine was.

Way to spread joy, dude.

Who would play me in a movie?

Young Scott: Jason Bateman (he and I could have been separated at birth when I was 14)

Old[er] Scott: Tom Hanks.

Look people, it's a Hollywood movie. I can have anyone I want play me. I like Tom. Plus, in the Hollywoodized movie of my life, I'd give the script writers a little artistic license. I would have been horribly scarred in a fire, my face reconstructed, and I would be seeking revenge on the criminals who slaughtered my family and destroyed my life.

And you Mike? Seth Rogen all the way. Not a pretty guy, but at least you'd be f*cking Elizabeth Banks. . .