Saturday, May 03, 2008

Inch by Inch. Row by Row.

Now that we have some really warm weather, the boys are spending most of their time outside. It is truly a blessing, because they would find me unreceptive to requests to dig through the living room floor.

Yes. That’s right. We have boys. They like to dig. Big surprise, eh?

This week, their excavation took place directly next to one of the posts to the swing set. When I got home from work, I was asked to pick up a truck and assist. I took one look at their hole and had a small panic attack. My sons had almost successfully undermined the entire swing set. In layman’s terms, one end was about to come loose from the ground up.

I managed to redirect them to a new location. The garden.

Our garden is a little slow out of the gates this year. Actually, it’s still grazing in the field. It’s not that we don’t want to grow anything. On the contrary, in our heads, there are already sprouts growing.

So I gave the boys the opportunity to dig in good dirt. I also gave them the opportunity to clear the weeds, sticks and stones. They started right in. Digging. There was no interest in getting the garden prepped. So I grabbed a rake and did the job while they excavated for a tunnel.

As I raked, we talked about the garden and what we were going to put in it. Sam was going to plant tomatoes. Aidan is planting green peppers. Noah? Well, let’s just say that Noah is going to have quite a special garden.

Noah: I’m goin’ to plant a tree.

Sam: What kind of tree, Noah?

Noah: A Rock Tree.

Sam: What?!? There’s no such thing.

I had to ask.

Me: Noah, how to you grow a rock tree?

Noah: You use a rock seed.