Friday, January 23, 2009

The Aftermath

So the twins are at school again today. We didn’t move. We didn’t fly away. And although my reaction yesterday stemmed from having to stew in my office for most of the day thinking about the incident, and I realize fully that this kind of thing happens in suburban settings as well as cities, I still can’t help but want to never ever, ever put my children into that building again. After hearing the full account of what happened, I give full credit to the school administration for acting swiftly and properly to ensure the safety of the students.

I am in my office, less than 3 miles from their classroom. But I feel as though I am in a different world.

In my career, I have had things thrown at me and thrown things back. I’ve hurled profanities that would burn your ears off should you have ever heard them. I’ve even had threats against my well being. It’s part of my world. I don’t deal with the niceties of corporate culture on a daily basis. But this morning I feel as though my job is a quilting bee compared with running the gauntlet of growing up in today’s society.

To every school teacher I know: Pam, Aimee, Martha, Lucy, Mark, Brandon, Julie – God Bless you and the good work you do.