Friday, January 30, 2009

We've Got Spirit! Yes We Do!

City school is not all bad. I’m trying very hard to forget everything and just be positive. This helps:

This week has been Spirit Week at Sam’s school. It ends tonight with a spaghetti dinner put on by the 4th and 5th graders. The spaghetti could very well be green and I wouldn’t care. Because Monday was Crazy Hair Day. Sam’s hair was too short, but he wanted a wave in front – just like Tintin. But Monday was also a school play. One in which co-anchors Sam and Katie reported the class news to the entire school. I wanted so badly to walk over to see him, but when I told him of my plan, I received a shake of the five year old head.

“It’s a School-Only play, Daddy. Parents aren’t allowed.”

Tuesday was School Colors Day. Leah managed to find green and grey shirts that actually fit him. Wednesday was Silly Hat Day. Sam wore one of our super-long Christmas caps. Thursday was Pajama Day. Sam would prefer to wear pajamas all day long for the rest of his life, so this was complete Nirvana to him. Today is Sports Team Day. Sam has been talking about today for an entire week. But not just talking. At random points he has walked up to me and asked, “Daddy, can you tell me what Friday is?”

At first, I was slow to catch on. I told him that it was January 31.

“What else is it,” was the response.

“Is it Sports Team Day?”


On Monday, Sam decided he would wear his Patriots shirt over his Red Sox shirt (that I bought for him, so shut up Amber) and his Yankees hat. We said nothing. It was Spirit Week after all. By Wednesday though, plans had changed. And this morning, Sammy went off to Sports Team Day in his very own sports team uniform – his T-Ball shirt and hat.

And it’s not just Sam. Aidan and Noah are coming into their own as little schoolboys. Every morning, Noah practices writing his name and gets a sticker from his teacher. Aidan made a construction paper snowman with a buttoned vest this week. Except that his snowman was clothed on both sides.

They both break out into song at any given moment now. While listening to a Phil Collins song on the radio one morning, Noah shouted out, “Mommy, this is the Tarzan singer!” For those of you who don’t know or remember, Phil Collins recorded the soundtrack to Walt Disney’s Tarzan. This was the only other time that the boys had ever heard anything by him.

But best of all, their not-so-little minds are expanding every day. Last night during dinner the three of them had a discussion on bombs and explosions, complete with sound effects. When Sam made a particularly good exploding noise, Noah tried to give him the appropriate compliment:

“Good blow job, Sammy.”