Monday, February 02, 2009

New Digs

We finally got ourselves into the new place this weekend. There is still much work to be done (like actually finding all my clothes), but at least we’re in our own space now. The geek in me won’t be content until the surround sound is working again. Hey, you gotta have goals, right?

It was like having Christmas all over again for the boys. They gleefully unpacked all their stuffed animals, toys, and books that have been buried in the basement for the last month. Sam was very methodical about it. His books are all neatly arranged on the bottom shelf of his bookcase and his animals are piled high at the foot of his bed. And as of this morning, his floor is covered in Legos and Lincoln Logs to the point where you cannot walk with bare feet for fear of receiving a puncture wound. Just like old times.

Aidan and Noah were more excited about their new bunk beds than their books and toys. At rest time yesterday, they discovered that their stuffed animals could be passed back and forth through the small spaces between the mattress and the headboard. This made for an extremely entertaining, albeit completely unsuccessful rest time. Meh. Oh, and they too succeeded in burying their floor under Lincoln Logs constructions.

John, Gina, and Ginny came over for the Superbowl last night, and we christened our new home with Muffelettas. These are the greatest sandwiches ever conceived. Your arteries will harden just be making them.

Now that I think about it, the twins really christened the new living room yesterday afternoon. When I rearranged the furniture to try out yet another possible configuration, Noah came out of his room. He looked around at the open space and his eyes went wide.

“Daddy! This is great! I’m gonna skip.”

And he did. In circles. For 10 minutes straight.