Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Stop Tagging Me. I Bruise Easily.

This has been floating around Facebook for weeks. I don't do long posts on Facebook, and I need blog material. So . . .

25 Things About Me that you really don’t care to know, but will skim over anyway to find the juicy bits.

25. I’m left handed.
24. I’m an only child.
23. I love my kids more than life.
22. I love my wife more than my kids.
21. I once had to make an emergency landing in an airplane.
20. I love to sing.
19. I once sang a solo in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City.
18. At one point in my life, my parents and my voice instructor told me that if I wanted to, I could pursue a professional singing career. This was long before American Idol.
19. I really, really miss my Mom.
18. I sucked my thumb until I was five years old.
17. I once played a practical joke on a friend that shut down my college administration building for an entire day.
16. My favorite color is somewhere in the shade of Caribbean blue.
15. My dream is to own a castle in France or Italy.
14. I have rowed through the canals of Venice.
13. I love to sail, but have never owned my own boat. Yet.
12. I am almost guaranteed to have prostate cancer at some point in my life.
11. I fancy myself a guitar player.
10. I do not dress well enough. Most of the time I don’t care.
9. I once snuck onto the field at Fenway Park and ran to first base.
8. I once tried to break up with Leah, but she wouldn’t let me.
7. I was a lifeguard in high school and saved my cousin from drowning.
6. I love good Irish whiskey.
5. My favorite food on the planet is lobster.
4. I was accepted at one of the most difficult colleges in the country to get into and then left after four months.
3. I love what I do. Building things makes me happy.
2. I had a really wonderful childhood and hope I can provide the same for my boys.
1. The hardest part about living in Buffalo for me now is being away from the ocean.