Friday, May 01, 2009

I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

Leah and I have been talking about this for a month now, but neither of us has bothered to write it down. And it needs to be written down. For all to see and take note of.

April Fools Day was pretty uneventful in our household. There were no earth-shattering pranks anywhere to be seen. There were however, three little boys who thought the prospect of fooling people for an entire day was just delightful.

But was one day really good enough? Absolutely not.

I have heard, “Ha Ha! Daddy, I April Fooled you!” at least once per day for what constituted the bulk of the month of April. Every joke is painful. Every joke is one that provides blissful glee for the little monster that propagated it.

But one stands above all the rest.

One of my children, on actual April Fools Day, decided that he was going to play an April Fools joke on everyone. That morning, before we left for school, Aidan somehow managed to sneak his slippers into his schoolbag without Leah or me seeing him. He stayed silent about this for the entire car ride to school. Upon reaching said institution, he put away his coat and lunchbox, and smoothly took off his shoes, replacing them with two soft, plushy faces of Lightning McQueen.

He got caught by his teacher as soon as he walked into the classroom. But get this: she was so impressed by the fact that one: he thought of an April Fools joke, and two: he carried it out successfully, that she let him keep the slippers on all day.

When Leah picked him up from school, it was the first time either of us had any inkling of what he had done. When she asked him where he got the idea from, he said, “I thought it myself, Mommy!,” with a beaming, victorious smile.

While Sam thinks up grandiose schemes and Noah is completely fearless, Aidan is fast becoming a scary combination of both.

P.S. Puppy pictures coming soon!