Monday, January 25, 2010

He Crawled Through a River of S**t and Came Out Clean on the Other End

"Mommy, Aidan threw a car into the toilet!"

"What?!?! Aidan, did you do that?"

(Head down) "Yes, Mommy."

"Have you been told before not to put things in the toilet?"

(Head still down) "Yes, Mommy."

"He flushed it too, Mommy." (Nothing like an older brother to throw you under the bus and then back up over you to make sure the job is finished.)

"Aidan, did you flush the car?"

No answer.

"Aidan, answer me right now."

(Head down) "Yes, Mommy."

"Did it go all the way down?"


"Well we're going to go get it."

"You can't, Mommy."


"Because Noah is poopin'."

I'm surprised at this point that Leah didn't lock him in the basement. But the mother of three boys, put on her rubber gloves, grabbed the plunger, and went to work. When said vehicle was extracted from the depths, Leah told Aidan to go get his money. They were going to the store and Aidan was going to buy her a new pair of gloves. When they found them, Aidan was crushed.

"Mommy, they cost $2 and I only have $1."

Leah paid for the gloves and told Aidan he could pay her back when he got his allowance at the end of the week.

We all had a good laugh about this at the family dinner hours later that evening. The boys had finished at were scattered about the house, doing as much as possible before bed time. Sam was building train tracks & Lincoln log stations. Noah was building Lego spaceships. Aidan was in his room being very quiet. A few minutes later, Aidan came out to the dining room and put something in Leah's hand.

It was another dollar.