Monday, September 27, 2010

Censorship in School? - You be the Judge

The twins' first grade teacher had the opportunity to meet them last year while they were still in kindergarten. Once a week, they went to her classroom to read with the first graders. So she had some idea of what was in store for her this year. I like to think of this as watching a gentle snowfall just before the avalanche starts.

One of their favorite things about school is Publisher Parties. Each month students compose stories, edit them, refine them, and yes, publish them. There is a different theme with every unit, but the process always remains the same. When everyone has a finished product, they have a party. Parents can come visit and listen to the kids read their stories and ask them questions. Oh, did I mention that there are snacks too?

Noah was especially eager to talk about his "favorite thing of the day" at dinner tonight.

"I finished my story for the Publisher's Party on Friday!!," he beamed with pride.

"I wrote the story about the P and my B."

Everyone paused for a second, deep in thought. Aidan couldn't take it.

"He wrote about the time he swallowed the penny and it went into his belly."

"Yeah, and I drew pictures too!," added our budding author.

"What a great idea for a story," Leah said.

"I know Mommy. And I even drew a picture of me pooping it out, just like the doctor told us I would! There's a poop with a circle with a P in it. That's the penny."

Gonna be some party.