Sunday, November 28, 2010

Stoddard Family Christmas Puzzle

Phhewwwww. What a year! When I started this ten years ago, I never anticipated that people would keep playing year after year. I thank you for that. It's been great fun to come up with new puzzles every year. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep the creative juices flowing for many more years. This year's puzzle is dedicated to the memory of a good friend, who through all these years, I think enjoyed solving them more than anyone. So, if you've never taken part in one of my Christmas Puzzles, I invite you to give it a try. If you've been playing all along, I hope this one holds up as well as the others.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year,

Scott, Leah, Sam, Noah & Aidan

Welcome to the Christmas Spin Room! What would happen if the sensationalist press dug deeper into the origins of our favorite Christmas songs? Perhaps the headlines below? Can you figure out which songs the headlines refer to?

1. Persons of interest detained at border suspected of transporting banned substances claim diplomatic immunity. Bethlehem security forces on high alert.

2. Coroner still unable to determine cause of death in bizarre hit and run incident.

3. Health Department investigating complaints of substandard conditions at local motel. "It's like living in a barn," says unhappy mother of one.

4. No loss of life in avalanche caused by screaming climber.

5. Local man receives surprise visit and dinner with royalty.

6. Port Authority breaks human smuggling ring.

7. Rolling blackouts hinder search for child and mother.

8. Hometown hero to perform concert with King in audience.

9. Huge credit card fraud ring busted after charging hundreds of thousands in holiday presents. ASPCA called in to rescue animals.

10. UFO sighting by local farmers goes unsolved. Air Force denies operations in area.

11. Workshop on woodland trees and their identifying characteristics to be held tomorrow evening at library.

12. Global Warming? One man says he IS the solution.

13. City Council sets new curfew. Teenagers rejoice.

14. Amber Alert issued in village after local policeman witnesses children following man dressed in white.

15. Four alarm blaze rips through neighborhood when bonfire burns out of control.

16. Immigration officials spoil holidays for family of Arizona carolers.

17. Frustrated parents donate child's presents to charity after school expulsion.

18. Highway patrol loses candy-apple red sleigh in high speed chase.

19. Adultery charges thrown out in high profile divorce case.

20. Family Services still unable to identify baby left in barn.

21. County drunk tank overflowing.

22. Cooking tips: Find out what herbs bring out the flavor of pig in tomorrow's edition.

23. Hermit suing town for libel.

24. Fire Marshall shuts down local hotel for exceeding legal capacity, forcing families out into streets.

25. What to get the girl who wants everything - holiday shopping tips from the rich and famous.