Wednesday, April 06, 2005

One Week in One Post

It’s been over a week since I’ve posted, and I feel somewhat guilty. Here’s a list of what I’ve should have been writing about:

- Sammy decided to play Picasso with Aidan yesterday. I was sitting on our green couch and couldn’t quite see what was happening. So Sam gave me a play by play. “I colorin’ on my brother, Daddy!” I sat bolt upright and saw that Aidan had a pretty blue line zigzagging across his forehead. Thank God it was just chalk.

- Aidan became the first twin to bleed this morning. He took a dive onto an overturned plastic bowl and almost put his tooth through his upper lip. Lots of blood. Lots of crying. Then he smiled, ate a Ritz, and went right on playing.

- I hate it when I’m in a bad mood, Leah knows it, and asks me if I’m in a bad mood. I think the fact that she knows when I’m cranky makes me even crankier.

- My current contract job is essentially complete. However, through some beautiful twist of fate, we are employed for at least another month. Today, I raked the front yard.

- I start a new contract on Monday, at Roswell Park. I’ll be doing all the site work for the new buildings. This means that I’ll have to start getting up early again (boo), that I’ll get to be outside all summer (yeah), and that I’ll be getting paid for two jobs while only doing one (double yeah).

- Congratulations to Esther & John, who just moved into their first house! And what’s even better than that? They will be able to see elephants from their kitchen window! It’s a good thing the baby’s room will be on the opposite side of the house. Otherwise, they’d have to brick in her window.

- Did you notice that I just made my prediction? Girl, all the way.

- Our friends Brian & Dena are visiting from Los Angeles for the next couple of days! We’re all going to the Bisons’ Home Opener tomorrow night. Everyone’s invited. We’re in section 118.