Sunday, August 06, 2006

I Have Sons

Sam: Daddy, is my penis a bone?

My first thought: Oh my God, what conversation has he overheard?

Me: Uh, no Sam, there are no bones in your penis.

Sam: Can I squeeze it?

Me: Sure. Squeeze it once, then get your hand out of your pants.

I walked out of his room and cried with laughter until my knees buckled. The absolute beauty of the entire episode was that he repeated it this morning - with Leah.

Sam: Mommy, Daddy says that my penis is not a bone.

Dead Silence

Sam: There are no bones in my penis. It's squishy.

At that, Leah actually let out a laugh.

Leah: He's right, Sammy.

And she walks away from the kitchen with tears streaming down her face.