Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Where's the Pictures At?

The Annual Barber Family Reunion was held this past weekend (Leah’s Mom is a Barber) at the family farm outside Syracuse. A couple points:

  1. My Mother-in-law grew up on a farm. Very funny to think about, even though she shook the hayseeds off a long time ago.
  2. Boys love farms.
  3. Leah & I forgot the camera.

However, there were enough others around to more than compensate for our children’s forgetful parents. For some reason, WE HAVE NOT SEEN ANY PICTURES YET. Did you get that family? Huh? Loud enough for the back row?

As much as the images of Sam catching his first fish, Aidan and Noah running back and forth down the length of a hay wagon, and all the cousins loving sheep (what?) will forever be burned into my memories, I’d sure like to have a photo of them all so that when I develop Alzheimer’s someone can show them to me and wipe the drool from my smiling mouth.

Until I see those, here's a couple of shots from this morning:

Sam's First Bike Ride!!!

Big Boy Beds!!!!